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Earth is Sleeping

Image of Earth is Sleeping

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My latest CD with contributions from Alistair Murphy, Mark Fletcher, Jeremy Salmon, Steve Bingham, Phil Toms, Rich Nolan and Ian Burrage, Featuring collaborations with Neal Hoffman, Matt Malley, Matt Stevens, Matt Edwards and Michael Raphael

Marianna 4.16

Promises 3.43

Answerphone 3.08

Take Me Dancing 3.34

Velvet to Atone 2.42

Faded Elvis 5.22

See What Your Words 2.51

She Now Owns a Heart of Stone 7.01

Lullaby for Ellie 2.54

I Found a Rainbow 2.04

Broken Day 4.49

Earth Is Sleeping 4.35

Newborn Creatures 5.37

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