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Sold Out. Songs in Waiting - Judy Dyble 5 track CD E.P.

Image of Sold Out. Songs in Waiting - Judy Dyble 5 track CD E.P.


Songs in Waiting - Judy Dyble 5 track CD E.P. - SOLD OUT Sorry!

Judy Dyble
Songs In Waiting
Starcrazy – SC004

Stunning beautiful front cover "Wayside in Spring, Dorset" by Angie Rooke

"Be quick, this is a limited edition of 300. What is not sold either at live gigs or online will be on the music stall at Cropredy. But that’s not likely to be many copies. Where to start? Judy has not so much found her niche in the music world of the 21st century as carved one out for herself. If you are looking to a musical genre for her recordings. File under Judy Dyble. It’s not folk, rock, pop, progressive, or anything else, though there are of course elements of all throughout these five tracks.

The sound is based around hearing every syllable clearly as Judy sings, with guitars, keyboards, string quartet and Uillleann pipes swirling around her as she tells her tales and stories. “Marianna” is first for a biography in music. Alistair Murphy’s gentle piano introduces “Broken Day”, the silence of a loved one having gone away. Tears falling like the raindrops as the singer tries in vain to keep herself together. The electric guitar solo is equally sublime, so gentle, fluid, with lots of space between the notes.

My highlights; “Faded Elvis”, the chap who aspires to be a star. In reality, he stacks supermarket shelves for a living, then gets up at night and murders the hits. The minor keys, the Elvis instrumental teases on the piano, and of course Judy’s voice are just wonderful. The string section features most in “See What Your Words”, whilst “Newborn Creatures”, in much the same style as Judy’s last album, has a solo on the Uilleann pipes courtesy of Brendan McAuley. Multi tracked vocals for the harmonies, and pauses before the song takes off again, this is a very hummable tune that will stick in the ear.

This is a sampler for the forthcoming album “Earth Is Sleeping”, I for one eagerly await that release, although there will be an album “Summer Dancing” with Andy Lewis released before then, on 18th August – though I expect some early copies will be at Cropredy."


Please ask for international delivery rates - £8 just guessed at!

Sold Out